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Ingage was founded in 2015 by its partners who shared a belief that good marketing can change the world, a belief that their skills could be utilized to empower companies big and small to reach the world and grow their vision.

Website Development

Your website is your digital front door, let us help invite visitors in.

Social Media

We specialise in creating content that grabs attention, we drive interest up and cause people to engage.

Digital Strategy

We develop a strategy personal to every client. going digital with no strategy is like....

Content generation

We produce any online media and digital content you need.

whats our x factor ?

Neuroscientific Approach

We understand the science of how people interact with digital screens and what causes activations to occur.

We live in a time of deep transformation. Technology, on one hand, is disrupting every industry, proving new products that can affect the way we live. Neuro-scientists and Psychologists, on the other hand, are making enormous breakthroughsrevealing new information about our memory, emotions and so on. These two disciplines are typically implemented separately, whereas the real opportunity for marketers will be in the combination of the two and in the rise of areas like “persuasive technologies” and “neuro-marketing.”

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